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Truckers helping truckers and owner operators helping owner operators. Here we create a hub of accurate, real and usable information that serves the community we come from! WE ARE TRUCKERZHUB, we are what the future looks like. Together we put down our differences, be for real, put our smarts and strength together and create the environment we wish.



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Here we make a safe place to be a real trucker, up against real life odds. We won't always be politically correct and we aren't very kind to federal intrusion of our business. We know what's best for our business and we intend to prove it, collectively.

Alternate Trucker Newz Blog

Trucking desperately needs real information, real solutions, and less federal government.

A Growing Free Content Section

We believe in "power in proximity". The closer you are to something the more you will be like it.

Owner Operator Survival Guide / Course

Gear and Swag

Growth and success is intentional. Do you got what it takes? Just need the right push?

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